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Metalwo offers customized solutions in the fields of metal processing, surface treatment, as well as foil processing and screen printing for a wide range of industrial companies.

Metalwo is an experienced subcontractor with production facilities in Denmark and China. Metalwo provide quality processing for a wide variety of businesses, thanks to modern and versatile technologies, and a large selection of quality materials.

Our expertise lies in manufacturing of membrane switch keyboards with and without backlight, silicone keyboards, metal keyboards, overlays, front panels, industrial cabinets and industrial signs as well as system solutions with the possibility of incorporation of touch screens, displays and / or other components.

Our staff has extensive experience in handling large production batches as well as complex constructions with rerements for high IP classes.

The customer is always in focus, and through close dialogue, we strive to offer the right solution with added value within our core competences.

Our mission

“We strive to be one of the leading Scandinavian suppliers of membrane switch keyboards and front panels, by providing top product quality and innovative product development.”