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Based on Metalwo A/S' experience with design, anodised aluminum and the desire for more sustainable functional and aesthetic products on the market, it has become a wide range of different products under the brand name ALU FIT. On this page you get a small overview of ALU FIT's product portfolio.

If you are a private customer and want more information or dealer lists, we refer to www.alufit.dk

If you are a business customer, please contact us at metalwo@metalwo.dk or +45 86281366 if you have any questions or interests.


Here you will find a short overview of our various ALU FIT products. To the right you also have the opportunity to see the different products visually. All ALU FIT products are anodised and come in different colors, depending on your personal taste:

  • ALU FIT HOSE STAND: With an ALU FIT HOSE STAND you get a sustainable good solution, which can be used in plenty of various environments including private gardens, harbor environments, golf areas and campsites - only the imagination sets limits.
  • ALU FIT ROSETTE: An ALU FIT ROSETTE completes the area between floor/wall and pipe. Instead of half plastic solutions, with this rosette you get a good and sustainable solution that can be used again and again.
  • ALU FIT SHELVES: The ALU FIT shelf series consists of a number of different shelves, all with a focus on functionality and a good-looking design. ALU FIT SHELF with wireless charger, ALU FIT SHELF with LED light, ALU FIT SHELF basic all in different colors and sizes are some of what we can offer for a simple and stylish look.
  • ALU FIT ALCOHOL DISPENSER: is a fully automatic, aesthetically and functionally good solution for storing and handling alcohol. With the associated stand, you get a complete answer on how to accommodate a high hygienic standard.