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Is it eco-friendly

Is it sustainable? Can this product be made by using green energy? These are unavoidable questions on the agenda for companies as well as individuals and of course a question Metalwo also addresses. 

The eco-friendly metal - Aluminum


When determining whether a material is sustainable, it is assessed on the basis of its life cycle as well as characteristics of the outside world. Most often you forget aluminum as a sustainable material which is a big mistake. In fact, aluminum is extremely interesting when it comes to sustainability. Namely, aluminum has the unique ability to maintain its quality even if its recycled.



Did you know:

  • recycling aluminum consumes 5% less energy than producing new aluminum?
  • around 95% of all aluminum is recycled?
  • recycling 1 ton of iron saves over 1 ton of CO2 emissions?


Therefore, aluminum is often included as a fundamental material when architects try to build sustainably, because aluminum is a relatively neutral material to use in the resource cycle. Aluminum is an attractive building material partly because of its durable surface, but also the narrow profile widths as its main qualities. In addition, the physical properties of the metal encourage versatile use, both in relation to power line as well as varying environmental conditions, which makes it extremely usable.


A contributor to the circular resource cycle


At Metalwo, the eco-friendly trend is no stranger. We do increasingly experience that our customers are seeking for solutions with a reusable perspective and where the ecofriendly mindset is becoming more and more integrated.


According to Jim Hansen who is the chief consultant at Danish Industry, the fundamental question is how a product can be adapted to a circular resource cycle. Can a circular design strategy be used? Here it is meant a strategy in which a product is designed so that it can be reused for new purposes. Source: Jim Hansen, 2018.


At Metalwo we strive for implementing this mindset into our production. Based on wishes from our customers we decide on materials selection as well as the technology so that a reusable product can be created in the best possible way, where the customer's requirements for the product have not been compromised. An example of this is Metalwo's choice to only produce metal cabinets rather than plastic, just to ensure the recycling of the products. Read and learn more about our cabinets here. We try to implement the circular mindset in our production processes. Among other things, this was the reason why we replaced our filmset machine with a more energy-saving model and, most importantly, a chemical-free one of a kind.


Nikolaj Berg, CEO at Metalwo, says: “As a starting point, we do everything possible to be as sustainable as possible at the factory – great and small steps. All of our products are being manufactured to be recyclable. Our own product lines, such as alu-fit rosettes and the hosestand in aluminum is manufactured in aluminum to ensure high quality, functionality and durability. In addition, we have eliminated all plastic, and this is in the production as well as in the canteen, where we now only eat and drink from reusable plates and glasses.”  


Furthermore, we recycle of all metal residues from the production via an agreement with a local scrap dealer.