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Desktop console

We produce and supply control panels with electroluminescence backlight to one of Europe’s leading producers of professional communication equipment for safety.

This solution is produced to fit needs and specification demands in the offshore and the maritime industry. The desktop console is produced as a module for safety.

Complete Construction

The desktop console is constructed as a module combined with different types of quality materials. An aluminum plate is bent with round corners to accomplish great functionality and design. The side panels are black anodized to create a great contrast between polyester and aluminum.

The backside is milled to fit the placed electronics. Furthermore, a whole is milled in the front plate to integrate a microphone.

A polyester foil with text and embossing is integrated in the aluminum front plate. The material gives a protective and flexible user-friendly surface. Integrated texted strips makes it easy to adjust texts in the control panel. Besides, the electroluminescence backlight foil is integrated to bring out details in the buttons.

We have managed to offer our customer a smart and functional product, made easy to operate. The choice of materials and technologies has even minimized costs for our customer.