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Electric charging station

Metalwo produce and supply front plates and membrane switch keyboards to EVergreen intelligent electric charging stations.

EVergreen has provided great suggestions for how to tackle the problem in the transport sector in order to get even more electric cars out on the street. One of the most natural technologies to facilitate is the electric charging station installations for vehicles both in public and in private.

Metalwo is a subcontractor on the project and is responsible for providing control panel solutions in close cooperation with Vikingegaarden. Metalwo has designed and manufactured the front plates and membrane switch keyboard for several of the elegant Evergreen electric charging stations. There is shown great emphasis on modern design lines of high quality materials and ease of use that is certainly crucial to how the product is accepted by the users.

The latest development from EVergreen is wall-mounted charging units for electric cars – easy to install and simple to use. The charging systems are tested initially in Stenderup, officially the village in Denmark with most electric cars per. capita.