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Feeding system

Metalwo has produced the very latest control panels for feeding systems and automation setups used in agriculture.

We have produced numerous keyboards for operating feeding systems, automated processes and industrial control. Among others we have produced this new generation of control panels for operating the feeding systems in high-tech pig production.

The keyboard shown here is made of silicone and features serigraphic printing and raised click buttons, as well as a built-in transparent panel. Working closely with the customer, we took into account where the unit is to be used as well as how it is fitted to the feeding system.

  • Big display with mounted touchscreen
  • OneHand remote
  • Integrated barcode technology
  • Ergonomic and modern hand-held terminal

Metalwo have taken into account the scope and assembly process in close cooperation with the customer.

The silicone keyboard is used as the control panel for regulating the volume of feed, etc.