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Intelligent parking

Meet Jonas from SimplyTure and learn more about intelligent parking systems and the importance of network.

In 2015 Jonas quit the game of consultancy and started his company, Simplyture. With a couple of good years at PA consultancy, he embarked on a new occupation as a self-employed, entrepreneur. 

As far as he can remember, Jonas has always had a burning desire to do create something valuable on this own. “Challenge status quo” as he calls it himself. This led to various minor project before he decided to enroll in a study from which he holds a master degree in Innovation and Business Development from Aarhus University. 

Challenging status quo

The entrepreneur spirit did, however, turn out to be so pervasive that Jonas could not ignore it. The constant question of whether something can be improved drove Jonas to the parking industry in which the found the systems to be fairly old and ineffective. He then suggested booms to be replaced with sensorial cameras and by means of this abolish the physical parking ticket for good. 

Turning to the network for support 

But despite the value of the idea and its potential effectiveness in practice, it was only when Jonas got the necessary recognition from his network that the idea came into action. In Jonas’ case, it was his father-in-law who first realized the potential of the product. And this proved to be the point of no return for Jonas and Simplyture who stresses the importance of network when being involved in a start-up company. With the first supporter in place, Jonas initiated the development of the software in which his academic, as well as professional background, turned out be highly beneficial. With extensive insight and know-how upon the operational level in an it-department, he collaborated with Danish programmers in the development of an administrative system database which allows Simplyture to offer an intelligent parking system, capable of handling various payment methods which contribute to an enhanced parking experience for the driver. 

Focusing on the beach-head 

A lot has changed since 2015, Jonas admits. He describes how the product has become much more specific upon the existing customer needs which forced him to modify the basic idea. "Our solution was a combination of various components but today we have cut many things off and focus on our beach-head, which is the software solution," says Jonas and emphasizes the importance of integrating customers into the process as it is ultimately the ones buying in. Jonas adds that he himself has been acting the devil’s lawyer throughout the whole process, ensuring that the customer’s requirements were met even before initiating the first meeting. 

Outsourcing leads to enhanced focus 

Jonas continues to point out that while some features of the end product were removed, others were added. "It is a constant iterative process" he states. But when Jonas was to design the hardware of the product, he met a significant challenge. Once again, Jonas turned to his network for support, acknowledging that the hardware production was outside of his own scope of competencies. Metalwo was therefore involved, and in close cooperation, Simplyture and Metalwo came up with an electronic display which now acts as a controlling device when the driver accesses the parking garage. 

The attentive supplier 

Jonas underpins the importance of these cooperation’s as they allow for the individual businesses to focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing the hardware components to Metalwo gave Jonas the freedom to focus on the software development which is where his skills are most extensive. Based on his own experience, he encourages other companies to delegate such processes to the manufacturing company, adding that Metalwo is a relevant supplier for “everyone in need of careful, tailor-made solutions in aluminum”, insisting that Metalwo operates with a 360-degree angle and has an attentive eye for details. You can read more about the collaboration here. 

Today, Simplyture has grown to employ almost 20 employees in their offices in Denmark, France, and Norway. Their solution is implemented in over 30 parking garages around Denmark. And with an ambition to make Simplyture the preferred parking system in first Scandinavia and later throughout Europe, there are good intentions for future growth.

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