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Metalwo Designlab is the designer's playground

Shapes can be imagined and drawn. Functions can be calculated and described. Materials can be felt and measured. But what if...? What if there was a better solution than you thought was possible?

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    In connection with the launch of a new keyboard, we used Metalwo Design Lab. Time was incredibly well spent and we quickly came up with a solution.

    Christian Weyse
    Danfoss A/S
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    Throughout the years, Metalwo's strategy has been to develop with focus on the future and with the respect to the customer's needs. This is now, even more, thriving with the establishment of Metalwo Design Lab.

    Tom Madsen
    Nortec A/S
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     Metalwo is a dynamic and service-minded partner that makes collaboration mutually resulting - therefore I can unquestionably recommend a visit to Metalwo Design Lab

    Simon Skafdrup

Metalwo Designlab's functions

Product development

 Design Lab facilitates the best innovative environment for product development. Your ideas will be visualized with 3D programs.

Product optimization

 Before we enter Metalwo Design Lab we go through our production. We will be able to optimize production exactly according to your needs.

Quality control

Together we create the best products. We know your industry and we will always assure the quality of your products before your customers get it in their hands.