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Founded in 1939, Metalwo has a long history of supplying enterprises all over Europe with top quality products.

The business was originally established by Kaj Wohlert, operating from modest premises in Aarhus, Denmark. The company initially based its operations on the production of metal braces for corsets and tin-plated iron kitchen utensils, as well as both printed and etched signs.

During the Second World War, it was one of the first – and only – Danish companies to work with the chemical grooving of files for the iron industry, which led to the development of the company’s current etching technique. Once the war was over, the company concentrated primarily on the production of industrial signs, and changed its name to “Nordisk Fabrik for Ætsede Skilte METALWO” (Nordic Factory for Etched Signs METALWO).

Milestones in the company’s history

Hugo Jordt

In the mid-1940s, Hugo Jordt purchased the enterprise from the Wohlert family.


In 1957 Hugo Jordt moved his operations to larger premises in Viby J.

Bang & Olufsen

Silk screen printing was introduced at Metalwo in 1972, resulting in a major increase in production.


Anodizing was introduced around 1980, and by the mid-1980s the company had started production of front panels and cabinet components.


In 1986, a new factory was built at the company’s current address. The new premises featured a metal workshop, a serigraphy department, a painting section and facilities for anodizing and etching.


John Rasmussen became the new majority shareholder in 1989, marking a change of generation from the Jordt family era.


In 1990, Metalwo expanded its activities and undertook major investments in machines and other equipment. In addition, the company broadened its product range to include overlays and membrane switch keyboards.


In October 1992, the company was awarded certification in accordance with the DS/ISO 9002 standard.

Ole Berg

Ole Berg purchased the company in February 1994 and changed its name to “Metalwo a/s”.


In 2004, the company established a strategic working relationship with a manufacturer in Hong Kong – a recognized and certified company with comprehensive production of membrane switch keyboards.


In September 2006, Leif Schou and Nikolaj Berg became co-owners and directors of Metalwo a/s.


In January 2016, Preben Mejer joined the board at Metalwo a/s

Metalwo Designlab

Metalwo Designlab is established in September 2017.

An experimental lab for designers, developers and constructors among others.



In October 2019, the last part of the generation shift between Ole and Nikolaj Berg was completed. Today, Nikolaj Berg is CEO as well as the head investor. Ole Berg is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Metalwo A/S. 


In May 2021, Metalwo A/S launches the brand ALU FIT with its own webshop. All ALU FIT products are aesthetically and functionally produced in anodised aluminum, where customers are the style-conscious and discerning buyer.