Metalwo encompasses a range of interesting – and thriving – fields of business. The company has a long history and has developed its activities in step with developments in customers’ wishes and requirements.

We are a recognized supplier to well-known large and medium-sized enterprises in Denmark and abroad. As a commercial partner, it is a big advantage that we can provide a comprehensive range of skills and processes. With our core skills providing such solid foundations, we are in a position to deliver advanced-technology products of the highest quality.

  • Beneficial working relationship.


  • We have worked with Metalwo for many years. The cornerstone of this working relationship has always been top quality, as this is a crucial parameter for PR electronics A/S.

    PR electronics

  • Metalwo succeeds in delivering solution-oriented products of the highest quality. The hallmarks of our working relationship are reliable deliveries and open dialogue about the assignment. We consider Metalwo to be a very accommodating supplier.


  • Metalwo has the know-how necessary to help us through the basic concept phases for our products, and they provide excellent service at our client meetings. We have been working with Metalwo for years, and are delighted with the relationship.


  • The cooperation with Metalwo is best categorized as effective, targeted and iterative. We quickly come to professional and innovative solutions together.


  • We are one very good experience richer with Metalwo. They were an important support and partner in one of our development processes!


  • We have worked with Metalwo for many years on account of the know-how and development options they provide. We are extremely satisfied with the relationship.