When an idea becomes reality

At Metalwo the doors are always open for the ambitious entrepreneur, as we recognize the importance of having resourceful and experienced actors on the team when moving forward with an idea. With an ambition to share our knowledge and expertise with you, we encourage you to reach out. Maybe you are left with a brilliant idea but find yourself insecure about the practicalities? Or maybe you experience a need for a guiding partner on the way from sketch to product? Let Metalwo join in on your journey.

A palette of opportunities

The entrepreneurial journey can be long and challenging. Not only may you lack professional knowledge regarding the industry, but challenges related to technological aspects might also interfere with the development of the product.

Turning to an established business for support

In the process going from idea to product, you will need resources and knowledge from someone who is familiar with and competent for this while allowing you to conduct trials, testing and reconfigurations of your products. In this case, the entrepreneur can benefit greatly from already existing companies that hold the necessary resources and experience to support you in this process.

The responsible business partner

At Metalwo we have a vision of contributing in a positive manner to the establishment of new businesses and thereby stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship.Metalwo thus made the decision to integrate an open approach to our resources and knowledge. We are specialist within our field of expertise and we gladly share our know-how and proficiency with the ambitious start-upper.

The experienced player

Based on our extensive experience, we at Metalwo know what a good product entails while recognizing the components that must be in place in the development of such. And that, in particular, can turn out to be the missing piece for many start-ups and the vital input that brings the idea into reality.

Value creation in collaboration

In our optic, the value resides in the collaboration between today and tomorrow. A collaboration that allows you, as an entrepreneur, to access a technological and resourceful facility and by means of this, gain insight into the possibilities that exists for your product in particular. At the same time, we believe that by defining the settings clearly, creative thinking can be even further stimulated.

The collaborative value

The motivation for Metalwo is of two-fold nature. Firstly, we get to take an active part in the development of future businesses while being confronted with innovation in our way of doing business. This forces us to constantly re-think internally and improve ourselves as a business entity. These are core elements in our business mantra and crucial factors to keep in mind in order to deliver optimal quality.

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