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Toitware shows the way for future technology

At Metalwo, we are always curious about new knowledge and good ideas, where the world of technology in particular opens up many new opportunities. New systems and solutions make it possible to do everyday things intelligently and thereby communicate with each other and people, also called IoT. IoT stands for Internet of Things, which is a technology that certainly makes things connected to the Internet so that they continuously can send you data you need.

Toitware: An IoT company


Toitware is an innovative and technology-driven company that works with IoT on a daily basis. They help strengthen and make sure products are connected to the big world, where only the imagination limits what can be done. Toitware is responsible for software development and refers to itself as the provider of a platform that covers the entire chain from hardware that measures various things via a secure communication channel to the Internet, to the database where data is stored and processed.


If you already feel a little confused about the first few sentences in a world of technological words, read on where Claus Bak Pedersen, COO at Toitware, takes you by the hand and tries to exemplify Toitware and their product a bit:


Claus explains, for example, that their software can be built into a container: “There are different sensors in a so called TOITbox, which is powered by two ordinary AA batteries, which communicate to the Internet via either Wi-Fi or the mobile network. These sensors can, among other things, continuously inform the consumer about where the container is and where it is going, if it is exposed to scratches, or how hot and humid it is inside the container, if you are now transporting temperature-sensitive goods. The platform is also built in a whole new way, so that it is very easy to update and change the functionality of the box in a few seconds if new needs arise from the customer. Everything can be done, and we constantly try to expand the value for our customers when new needs arise for each individual.”


So, you can as a customer track and measure your object based on any factors depending on your needs. Not only this simplifies your everyday life, where you as consumer or company quickly can identify and diagnose operational problems, but also can reduce your costs, as the software can detect and discover patterns and tendencies you haven’t thought of. Furthermore, IoT is such a revolutionary IT wave that there is a huge growth potential working with this in one's business.


A good partnership leads to good decisions


Claus and his talented colleagues, who have worked with giants such as Google Chrome and Uber, have been working on the Toitware project for the past 2.5 years. Since October 2019, they have worked closely with Metalwo to ensure a high-quality product and not least a good functionality. Among other things, Metalwo has helped to collect all the electronics in the beforementioned boxes, as well as being behind various tests of the different functions. "A dynamic and creative collaboration with room for good sparring, which has greatly contributed to the development of Toitware's product and service.", Claus concludes.


Pilot cases


If you have a product that you would like to test in consideration of IoT, Toitware is actually looking for pilot cases that will run over the fall. So, don't hesitate to contact Claus Bak Pedersen at Toitware if you have a project that could fit in with the above.