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Metalwo provide professional anodizing of aluminum parts

What is anodizing:

Anodizing, also called anodizing, is a surface treatment process that strengthens aluminum against corrosion and the impact of light, liquids and particles. Anodizing makes the surface more robust and durable, while giving the item a nice surface finish.

The raw aluminum surface itself is very soft and responsive to corrosion and over time becomes dull and gray, whereas an anodised surface retains its appearance for many years, which also makes the surface reusable and sustainable.

Anodizing is the result of a series of chemical processes that require close monitoring by highly experienced employees, as different types of aluminum give different expression. When anodizing in colors, the pores of the metal are opened in a chemical process so that the given color can get in, after which the surface is sealed.

The subjetcs ist first burnished to be sure the surface is even and homogenous before the anodizing process starts. Afterwards you can apply both sergraphic print in form of texts or decorations.

At Metalwo, we primarily anodize in the colors:

  • Nature
  • Black
  • Copper look
  • Brass look

But the most can be accommodated, so if you have an inquiry, on a particular color please give us a call.