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Embossing of foils

At Metalwo you can get exactly the type of foil embossing you want for your industry application.

Briefly put, embossing is a process that highlights specific details on the surface of the material. Thus, the process connects both design details and functionality. There is a multitude of machining possibilities - herein we can offer a very large selection of tools in our production.

How it is done

Our movie on the right provides very specific insight into how the embossing process could be arranged. Mostly, we offer frame embossing and pillow embossing depending on the customer's wishes. During the process, a fitted tooling system press accurately wherein a height difference is visible on the selected embossing area.

Embossing of foils allows visual highlight of a wide variety of features e.g. transparent windows or selected keys. The process is extremely accurate and effective. In addition, we adapt the process to the design you want for your application.

What we offer

At Metalwo we offer a number of special tools for embossing of polyester foils. Thus, it is possible to emboss the material for different features such as accurate click effect, windows for LED lamps and/or braille details.

Moreoever, it is possible to offer different shapes. We offer both pillow embossing, frame embossing and flat embossing useful for keys with metal domes or polydomes.

Our technologies handle customization for professional industries, and setup time is short between the various processes.

Embossing gives you great flexibility in design and construction of your customized solution.

Do you wish to know more?

Contact us on +45 86281366 and get more information about this process and the many other processes we can offer in-house at Metalwo.