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Industrial cabinets

We manufacture bespoke industrial cabinets in a variety of metals. We can fit overlays directly to the chosen cabinet solution, as well as applying a variety of surface treatments.

Metalwo is a specialist in the production of industrial cabinets and cabinet components in aluminum, stainless steel and iron. We employ modern CAD/CAM equipment that allows us to complete customer-specific tasks with a high level of quality.

We have the capacity to produce units in large series, involving processes that include punching, milling and serigraphic printing. In addition, we can add stays and bushes for fitting displays and/or PCBs.

We can also apply a variety of surface treatments including powder-coating, passivation or anodizing/eloxing to add the finishing touch to industrial cabinets.

Metalwo works with modern technology and robots to deal with special solutions involving unique gaskets or seals, for example. We also supply components with IP classes up to 65.

We can combine all our skills to create products that are fully in line with the specifications you supply.