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Industrial signs

Originally founded as a metal sign manufacturer. Today, we provide all kinds of customized small scale signage solutions.

All the signs we manufacture are fitted for its practical purpose. Thus, we translate our knowhow about material, construction and design into benefits for our customers.

We operate highly efficient specialist equipment in-house for producing small scale signage in both large and small batches. The raw materials we mainly apply to build signs are aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other materials like polyester, polycarbonate and acrylic.

Furthermore, we provide a range of possible surface treatments and adhesives to meet various needs and to make installation simple. This means that you can affix your sign to all kinds of machines, tools and buildings, in accordance with CE labelling requirements.

Today, we deliver signs to many of the best-known companies like Danfoss, Grundfos, York, Bang & Olufsen, Velux, Scandic Hotels and Weber, just to mention a few.

Possible application categories could be…

Standard signs

Class signs (CE) for use on lifting chains and wires, information signs, warning signs, safety and environmental signs, etc.

Industrial signs

Signs for use on process equipment, construction machinery and engines, automation devices, measuring devices and scales, and so on.

Building signs

Customized signage for public buildings such as hospitals and clinics, schools, nursing homes, swimming centers, as well as private buildings such as large offices, farm buildings, and hotels and restaurants.

Product signs

Unique solutions for consumer products like chef cutting boards, furniture, kitchen materials, oven and grill equipment, White goods, etc.

Signs for other purposes

We also offer special signage with braille letters and inserted text.