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Alu fit rosettes

A selection of our own products. Designed and produced by Metalwo.

Alu Fit Rosette

Let yourself inspire by these Danish-designed aluminum rosettes for an exclusive finish to your water pipes. The rosette can be mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling and due to their two-piece design, they are particularly easy to handle.

Sustainable design

These rosettes represent a highly sustainable alternative to the commonly seen plastic rosette. The alu fit rosette is made from 100% recyclable aluminum. The aluminum obtains its finish through anodization, ensuring a highly resilient surface that is easily preserved.


The rosettes are available in four different measurements. The sizes are given in millimeter and based on the diameter of the rosette: 16 mm., 18 mm., 22 mm., and 28 mm.

The rosettes come in four different colors: messing-look, natural (grey), black, and copper-look.

The rosettes are currently being manufactured here: