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System solutions

Metalwo delivers a comprehensive spectrum of customer-specific system solutions, using quality materials. We make full use of modern technology that enables us to manufacture profiles in aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and silicone.

Metalwo operates modern production facilities and has extensive experience in the manufacture of front panels and keyboards. This makes us a strong strategic partner and supplier in the development and production of customer-specific system solutions.

We are happy to take on overall responsibility for the development and manufacture of complete solutions for front panels or cabinets, for example. We can also deal with complete assignments featuring the installation and integration of touchscreens, special windows, PCBs or other components.

In addition, we are market leaders in silicone dispensing on front panels and cabinets. We have the capacity to assure very high quality and finishes, and we supply a great many solutions in this field.

For example, Metalwo can apply fully automatic silicone dispensing to achieve IP classes up to 65, and can dispense customer-specific seals on cabinet components in order to optimize an assembly process.

Involving Metalwo in the design, development and production of a system solution helps customers make big savings in time, resources and costs. This then allows customers to concentrate instead on optimizing the electronics and functionality of the product.