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About Us

At Metalwo we believe in quality, innovation, experience and that little extra something that makes the solution unique and perfectly suitable for the client’s need.

Metalwo then and now
In 1939 when Metalwo took its very first step, we were a specialized production unit with a single focus on activities related to production processes. A lot of things have happened since then and we are now proud to say that we’ve developed into a frontrunner within our field. A company that dares to think big and innovative when opportunities arise. This way of thinking has brought us to where we are today – a production company with an eye for quality and design as well as a sincere flair for innovative solutions.

Value creation
At Metalwo we value efficiency yet with an eye for details and we hold the necessary resources and know-how to execute on ideas. At the same time, we recognize the importance of meeting the individual customer where they are in close collaboration, form a workspace where ideas meet reality. Therefore, we take great pleasure in following the product development from A to Z which, to a large extent, is made possible due to our in-house production facilities in Hasselager, south of Aarhus.

A supportive partner – from idea to action
Our designlab makes it possible for us to guide, assist and finally execute on unique ideas. Through constructive and valuable dialogue with the client, we put forward solutions in which needs and initial thoughts are carefully developed and finally implemented. This approach, in specific, ensures unique quality solutions in every step of the process why this is one of the cornerstones in our set of values and service we take great honor in offering.

Our philosophy builds upon value creation through long-term collaborations, core understanding of the industry’s as well as the client’s challenges together with skilled and experienced employees who can navigate through the growth area. In addition to that, we carry a great passion for the entrepreneurial environment which we aim to support and meet more in the future to come. 

Metalwo and the entrepreneurs of Aarhus
In the close of 2018, Metalwo once and for all joined in on the initiative on enforcing the entrepreneurial environment in Århus. With the CEO, Nikolaj Berg in front, Metalwo has put forward an agenda in which entrepreneurship, innovation, and product development are keywords. With just the opportunities that our designlab offers, Metalwo can comply with product development in a whole new way where solutions can be tested, modified and improved before putting into final production. We wish to invite entrepreneurs into such process allowing Metalwo to act as support by putting forward competent expertise, advice, and guidance. In this way, we hope that our role as an experienced but also established actor, can embrace the existing talent and enhance the development of the companies of tomorrow.

Are you left with a good idea but are in need of guidance and direction? Maybe you already have an idea of a product but the missing link is practical knowledge? Pay us a visit at our designlab in Hasselager and let yourself inspire.

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