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Quality - Download certifications

Metalwo has been manufacturing high-quality products for more than 70 years, and today this means the company abides by ISO classification requirements.

Metalwo can assist in projects all the way from initial idea to final delivery. As such we can act as a full-service provider from label to finished product, using quality materials of your choice.

We manufacture virtually all Metalwo products to order at our own facilities and currently deploy ISO 9001 management tools in conjunction with the development and production of customer-specific components and system solutions.


ISO 9001

Metalwo complies with ISO 9001, a quality management system with clear objectives:

  • Short delivery times
  • Delivery on time
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Uniformly high level of quality
  • Credibility

ISO 9001 is an efficient management tool that we use to monitor and adjust our actions in all aspects regarding quality. This tool is firmly deployed at our company, and is essential to our ability to deliver products and services of the highest standard. This not only reinforces competitiveness, but also strengthens links in the value chain going forward.

Metalwo’s vision is to stand proud as one of the leading quality suppliers in the industry. This can be achieved by developing and producing products and services that match customers’ needs and expectations, in full compliance with relevant requirements from the appropriate authorities.

We use confirmations of order, drawings and specifications to document even the smallest detail of the customer’s order and to ensure that the finished goods are delivered on time. Every time.

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